EXP INTERNATIONAL SERVICES INC. is a full-service multi-disciplinary engineering and architectural firm. We offer consulting, investigation, testing and problem-solving services in geosciences, environment, building science, mechanical, electrical, construction materials, pipeline services, fire and life safety, municipal, transportation and facilities engineering. We serve both private and public-sector clients across Canada, USA and internationally. EXP is a Canadian-owned firm, which today employs more than 3,600 highly qualified people, with 1,500 engineers and architects from various disciplines, assisted by technicians, draftsmen, and administrative staff. We offer specialized expertise in engineering, architecture, environmental science as well as a number of activities closely related to applied sciences. EXP"s specialists routinely bring together civil, municipal, mechanical, electrical, geological, environmental, clean- up and structural engineers, as well as urban planners and computer specialists in order to ensure the successful completion of the technical and engineeringprojects entrusted to them. Our team has extensive Project Management and technical experience required to undertake a project of complexity such as this one. We anticipate that, given the nature of the work, the project will encompass several phases/contracts of considerable size occurring simultaneously. This requires a coordinated team led by a project management approach that recognizes the importance of schedule and budget control. One of our specialties is managing projects with a variety of disciplines and stakeholder groups. The Trow GlobalGroup of companies adopted the name of EXP in April 2011. EXP employs more than 3,600 highly qualified people, with engineers from various disciplines, assisted by technicians, draftspersons, and a support staff. With offices across Canada, the U.S. and internationally, and with projects around the globe, EXP offers clients in both the private and public sectors a full range of services provided by a dedicated team that includes specialist engineers and technical experts.

Address: Block C, 15th Floor, Fang Zhou Building, No.2115 North Sichuan Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai 200081 P.R.C />
TEL: +86 18016419286

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